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[Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, May 31] The launch of NASA's GLAST spacecraft aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket is scheduled for Thursday, June 5, during a launch window extending from 11:45 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. EDT. The date was chosen at the conclusion of Thursday's [May 29] Flight Readiness Review.

With GLAST being the largest international space program since the International Space Station, the international team of scientists has included the performing arts as part of the project for several years. Specifically this encompasses the legendary American Brass Quintet and composer Nolan Gasser. For the launch, Gasser has composed “GLAST Prelude” Op. 12 which will be played during the historic launch. Due to the movable nature of launches, the work will be performed by the American Brass Quintet via a recording made in early December, made possible by the personal generosity of Pierre R. Schwob, CEO of Classical Archives.

In Fall 2009, an international assemblage of scientists will be held in Washington, DC during which time the initial results of GLAST experiments will be revealed and discussed. A special feature of the confab will be a formal concert by the American Brass Quintet including the world premiere of an extended work by Nolan Gasser entitled “Cosmic Discovery: A Musical Celebration of GLAST”.

The thrust of GLAST, the most powerful space telescope ever built, is no less than the next step in the search for the origins of the known universe, amidst the search for answers to many other cosmic questions.

The American Brass Quintet, officially founded in 1960 and celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2009-2010, is recognized internationally as the finest ensemble of its type with over 50 recordings, a global touring history, and residencies at The Juilliard School and Aspen Music Festival.

Throughout most of recorded history, brass instruments and their forbearers have been used to signal important historical events. The launch of the most powerful space telescope ever built is such an event. Raymond Mase, trumpeter in the ABQ since 1973, said, “four of the current members of the ABQ grew up in awe watching the Gemini and Apollo launches and missions, as did most of the world. To be asked to participate in this historic launch in any way is humbling as well as a dream come true.”


Image above: GLAST is finalized in the mobile service tower on Launch Pad 17-B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. Credit: NASA/Jim Grossman (follow NASA links below for high quality image).


Below: American Brass Quintet. Credit: Richard Frank (follow ABQ link below for HQ image)


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