Bright Blue Steel from "Shine" by Rob Paterson

Last movement from Rob Paterson's quintet "Shine" - Bright Blue Steel. Live recording from Harris Hall in Aspen, CO 7/28/15


Andante from "Little Suite of Miniatures" by Stephen Sacco

Recorded live in Harris Hall from Aspen, CO 7/28/15


Dovehouse Pavane, by Alfonso Ferrabosco

From Elizabethan Consort Music (edited by Raymond Mase) Recored live in Harris Hall in Aspen, CO 7/28/15


"Fyer, Fyer" by Thomas Morley

Performed live in Aspen 2014,Thomas Morley's "Fyer, Fyer" from the early music suite, "In Gabrieli's Day" edited by Raymond Mase. 


Jay Greenberg "Quintet" excerpt

Excerpt from Jay Greenberg's "Quintet" performed live from Sydney, 5/2014


William Lovelock "Suite"

Movement 4 from William Lovelock's "Suite", live from Newcastle Australia 5/2014


Excerpt from"Cadence, Fugue, Fade" by Sebastian Currier

Excerpt of Sebastian Currier's "Cadence, Fugue, Fade" performed live in Aspen, 2014